Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Assignment #3: "Feature Fiesta" (Due March 30)

Photo Assignment #3 (75 points): "Feature Fiesta": Features, or stand-alone photos, are the staple of any good photojournalists repertoire. Being able to tell a story or relate a emotional vibe of a situation with just a few photos is what we strive for. Photographers use many visual tools to accomplish this task. They rely on leading lines, repetitive shapes, unique angles and color, or the absence of color to set the stage. For this assignment you will need a minimum of three distinctly different photos. Photos may be taken from the same situation or from different situations. You would be wise to use this assignment to get a head start on your final project.

* Due by start of next class. Important: Post the best 3 to blog. We won't be spending any class time posting photos, since we'll be starting the video section of the class.

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