Friday, March 30, 2012

Man and Machine in Harmony - Alana Yzola

Sophomore mechanical engineer and hip hop enthusiast Kendrick Daly, gives me an inside look at his personal home studio as well as his creative process in composing his own music.

Daly is fortunate enough to have Logic Studio software, which is the same technology used by artists and producers such as the Fugees.

Daly does not take his music lightly.  His home studio consists of two Macbook Pros (one with the sole purpose of  holding over 200 original compositions), a full electronic keyboard, a pair of state-of-the art Beats by Dre' headphones, and a journal full of lyrics.

Creating compositions is not always an easy task.  Daly has a case of Writer's Block as he attempts to compose a chorus for his latest song.

Daly uses a combination of sampling beats from previous artists and mixing them with his own beats he makes on his piano.  Daly explains that a good composition takes him a bit of time. "it could take about three hours to a whole day," Daly says.

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